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  • Donald Moody - 27th February

  • Your Village Needs You -20th February

  • Village News - 13th February

  • Church Renovation Update - 7th February
    News from Ralph and Richard

  • Christmas Challenge Walk - 30th January
    Wet but fun and funds raised. Read more here

  • Essex County Council - News 26 January
    Essex residents urged to book Lateral Flow Test This means individuals who aren’t showing symptoms can take immediate action and avoid the risk of passing on the virus. This is particularly important in respect of individuals who are unable to work from home or who have to come into close contact with others as part of their job. More details... HERE

  • Essex County Council - News 12 January
    Dear All,
    I attach the latest weekly summary pack with the latest management information.  Key issues to note are:As reported last week, we continue to see a levelling up of case numbers across Essex, but at least this week the overall rate has stabilised.  While we continue to see significant increases in those districts previously low intensity, higher-intensity districts have generally plateaued or reduced a bit.Additionally, we are seeing very early, and modest, reductions in the positivity rate; continuation of this trend is a key ambition.
  • Our testing capacity is possibly the highest, certainly among the highest, in the whole country, with 127,000 tests per week currently.  The roll-out of our fast-track centres continues; we now have sites in Basildon, Brentwood, Rochford, Harlow, Epping, and Chelmsford, and sites in remaining districts will be established this week and next week, which will further increase capacity to around 148,000 tests per week.Hospital occupancy has continued to increase, with 1,422 covid patients at the latest count.  Intensive care pressures have also increased, with 142 HDU / ITU beds occupied by confirmed covid cases, an increase of 42% on the previous week.  As members will have heard, Southend Hospital had to take emergency action around oxygen blood levels last weekend; such action is not unprecedented and we are assured it is safe, but this is clearly another evidence of the pressures the system is facing.Most regrettably of all, there were 214 covid-related deaths in hospitals across Essex over the last week, a near 40% increase on the week before.  ECC are working with funeral directors to ensure adequate mortuary capacity.

    The social care system is under equal strain, but all patients declared as medically fit for discharge are being discharged within required timescales.  Those who are covid positive and not able to go home are discharged to designated settings where sufficient capacity remains.  Some patients have had to be transferred to hospitals out of the county.

    Inevitably, given the scale of virus in the community, we have not been able to insulate care homes from this wave of the pandemic.  There are currently 143 care home outbreaks in total of which a significant percentage are considered as significant, and the Director of Public Health wrote last week, recommending cessation of visiting in other than the most exceptional circumstances.

    Our track and trace operations continue to see significant increases, with a quadrupling of cases coming into the service since the beginning of December. In the four-week period from the 13th December 2020 to the 9th January 2021, Essex has had 56,089 cases, and completed 87%. It has also had 102,810 contacts in 4 weeks and completed 98%. Vaccinations:  this is the subject of a separate briefing which will be issued each Monday.  We are having higher communications with NHS partners, and will continue to keep members informed.

    Until the vaccination programme rolls out, it is critical that all residents respect the rules.  ECC does not wish to restrict the liberty of individuals, but we have been keen that Essex Police are both visible and enforcing.  Last weekend, Essex Police had over 300 engagements with residents and issued 50 fines.

    Best wishes, John
    Cllr John Aldridge, Member for Broomfield & Writtle,
    Tel: 07827 976 997

  • Essex County Council - News  07 January 2021

    Grants available to help Essex residents self-isolate

    Essex County Council is providing extra funding to city, districts and boroughs in the county to help people who need to self-isolate to stay at home.
    Because the new variant of COVID-19 is spreading so fast, it is important that everybody asked to self-isolate does so.
    The £3 million funding is to ensure that those that must stay at home are given the financial means to do so. The £500 grant per resident will be a one-off payment to cover the two-week period of self-isolation.
    Essex residents who test positive for Covid-19 could be entitled to a £500 Test and Trace Support Payment from the Government.
    However, many residents who have to self-isolate may be ineligible for the Government payment. It is these people this new fund aims to help.
    People may not qualify for Government support because, for instance, they are on zero hours contracts, self-employed and trading for less than one year or self-employed without access to support because of low trading returns.
    Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said: “Throughout this pandemic we have emphasised the need to test and self-isolate. Now with the picture of rising rates we see this has never been of greater importance.
    “Essex County Council want to help people to self-isolate without fear that self-isolation will worsen their personal finances. That is why we have secured these funds from the Government.”
    The funds ECC have been able to access come from the Government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) which is aimed to support city, borough and district councils with their test and trace isolation payments schemes.
    The funds can be accessed by residents by making an application on the local city, district or borough website. Follow the link to your local council at:

  • Happy New Year!
    As I expect you have heard many times, I hope it is much improved on 2020!This time last year the church renovation fundraising was at full throttle, we had already held a number of highly successful events and several more were planned, but most were thwarted by Covid-19. They will be revived, including RoxFest, although a date for it is not yet finalised it is likely to be later in the summer when the vaccination programme is hopefully complete.We do have one event running now – the Christmas Challenge walk – which has had a steady up take not helped by the dismal, cold weather. However, those that have taken part have really enjoyed it – see Roxwell Village Facebook page or our page. As I write, a couple are walking by for the second time in an attempt to solve all the clues! It is designed for the whole household to enjoy and can be undertaken any time before the end of January, see the attachments. Funds raised will be split between Roxwell school and the church restoration fund.

  • Roxwell Reindeer Ramble : Jill Vicary who along with some other kind helpers organised the Reindeer Ramble, sends this report:Wow – what a success! Thanks to 12 inexperienced but very willing reindeer keepers we were able to set up a trail around our lovely village for people to find and name the cheeky little chaps (and chapesses) It provided some much needed cheer and exercise in the run up to what has undoubtedly been a very different, and sometimes difficult, Christmas. Little did we know when we had this crazy idea in September how restricted we were going to be and we were so lucky to have something that everyone COULD do – even in Tier 4. By popular request we even extended it by a week.Whilst many participants were from Roxwell it also brought others into our lovely village to enjoy our surroundings and get to feel what a great bunch we are. The number of positive and appreciative emails have been amazing. And it was lovely to see children excitedly running around waving papers and looking for reindeer.As well as those who participated we are extremely grateful from those people from far and wide who used the event, and our Just Giving page, to donate to the fundraising event for the school, pre school and church. Folk were so generous we managed to raise a whopping £1062 + gift aid which far exceeded all hopes and expectations. Thank you all so much. Special thanks to ‘head reindeer herder’ Ann Page who co-ordinated all the keepers and handed the chocolate prizes to the children who finished it.And can I please use this opportunity to apologise to anyone who lives in Roxwell who may have had their garden visited by a three small excited grandsons who thought every house might have a reindeer and they could go into their garden to check. The uninhibited joy and enthusiasm of children – what Christmas and community is all about really!

  • One Event Down, Three to Go Folks!
    Today’s Covid bulletin has no doubt saddened us all, but there is a little good news! This year because of Covid, we have not been able to run many events we would have chosen to,  but over the Christmas period there are further activities planned we think you can do, but only with your own household as part of your daily exercise, but you must make your own mind up about that. In any event take all care.

Firstly, the Santa Sleigh on Wednesday was a great success. Many of you cheered Santa on his sleigh (see evocative pic attached) and kindly put £213 in the shaking cans which will be shared between church renovation, school and preschool. Thank you.

Secondly, the still current Reindeer Ramble seems to be a runaway success, the target sum has been raised three times to the current £1,000, and with so many donations is already amounting to over £800 and for the same beneficiaries. To see what it is all about and read the many favourable comments go to and put Roxwell reindeer ramble into the search box, or click this link Briefly, there are a dozen reindeer secreted around the main village and you can discover them with the aid of cryptic clues. Full details on the JustGiving page, and it runs until Christmas Eve.

Thirdly, on Christmas eve I learn:   If you have been down to the churchyard in the last couple of days, you will have noticed a stable scene has appeared ... but that is only part of the wonderful Story of Christmas. Do make sure you come to the churchyard on Christmas Eve at any time between mid-day and 4pm (to ensure social distancing) to see the whole Christmas Story unfold in 6 separate parts. Each part is presented as a visual display in a different location around the front of the churchyard. Come in your family bubble, and children can pick up a small gift as they journey around. Starting at the side entrance, follow the numbered stars to navigate your way around. It's ok to pause at each stop so you can take in the wonder of this 2,000 year old story. We are sure you will be uplifted and amazed.And Finally – the pièce de resistance?   Later this week I will bring you news of a post-Christmas family walk you can take any time before the end of January. On it there will be cryptic clues and things to find whether you are 5 or 75. Just the post-Christmas job eh! Oh, the suspense!D Ralph Metson

  • December - The latest data re the Covid pandemic. Test, track and trace has been stepped up considerably. This has involved an increase in mobile testing units across the south of Essex, requests to parents that all secondary school students seek a test, and the launch of the three rapid lateral-flow test (LFT) sites in Basildon and Brentwood.
    A new fixed site has also opened in Chelmsford and, in the new year, all districts will have sites for people without symptoms to collect a postal test that they can do at home.  There will also be an additional initial seven more sites starting with Epping and Chelmsford.
    The impact of the increase in testing is evidenced in the numbers of people having a test in Essex. While the regional average rate is around 600 tests per 100 000 per day, Rochford and Brentwood residents are being tested at a rate of 1,600 a day and Basildon, Castle Point and Epping at rates around 1,200. This data excludes the lateral flow tests. There are other parts of Essex, especially in the north, where more testing is likely to be needed as the rates there increase.
    One reflection of the high numbers of tests is that more cases are found and the government (and us) also look at positivity rates, i.e. the proportion of tests taken that are positive, as a second key measure of disease spread. While south Essex case rates are higher than the rest of the region (other than Thurrock) positivity rates in Broxbourne, Milton Keynes and Thurrock are higher than anywhere in Essex.
    Conversely the positivity on tests is at or above the level needed historically for Tier 3 everywhere in Essex except Tendring and even there it is increasing quickly
    The next step in test, track and trace is managed by the ESCTS track and trace team. The county has invested heavily in supporting this team with a £1.6 million expansion agreed and recruitment and training well underway. The plan has always been to exceed 90% in identifying and contacting both cases and contacts. Despite a more than trebling of workload - directly associated with the exponential increase in cases and contacts in Essex the service is reaching over 87% of cases and nearly 97% of contacts. Over the last month this has related to over 60 000 different cases and contacts which is around 1/3 the total for the whole region.
    We are however pushing to improve these figures further and have now worked with the district, borough and city councils to introduce a door knocking service to find those who have not responded to other contact. All cases and contacts are also offered practical support as required via the EWS.
    May I encourage you to share this information where possible and to maintain the rules of social distancing and handwashing. I also append information re track and trace which you may find helpful.
    Notwithstanding, all the above may I wish all a peaceful and restful Christmas.Cllr John Aldridge
    Member for Broomfield & Writtle
    COVID-19 Weekly Briefing Report_W.C 11122020
    COVID-19 Vaccination Programme - Essex as at 19 Dec member briefing

  • Royalty in the village – Princess Anne as Patron of English Rural visited the village a week ago (who knew? Not me!) to officially open the new affordable houses in Glebe meadow. These have been long in gestation – starting off when I was a parish councillor over 30 years ago, but at least we now have them and they look pretty good. You can find more about the houses and the visit here:

  • Roxwell Classic Car Run. Thank you for the many kind comments and messages received, yesterday appears to have been a great success. I certainly enjoyed it. The spectacle of the cars and the social buzz in the meadow was a joy to behold.So, my thanks again to Dave Anderson - who kindly planned and printed the route which you all seemed to much enjoy - and especially to you all for coming, and with such a wonderfully eclectic mix of cars to support us (and not a scrap of litter left behind). We shall have made close to £1,400 for our restoration fund for Roxwell church. I think we may do it again!

  • PLANNING APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE - H R Philpot and Son’s application to Essex CC for planning permission to open a sand and gravel quarry on the field just south of Chalk End Wood.  The submission deadline is next Saturday 26th July, so time is running out.   We are not expecting Essex to abandon the sand and gravel site called A40 but we want to draw attention to this piecemeal approach will draw out the whole process.  We are also asking for more consideration for residents immediately all around this proposed part of the site and those who use the A1060, as the access point we consider is in a dangerous place.H R Philpot and Son’s application to Essex CC for planning permission to open a sand and gravel quarry

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