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Sunday 26th July

  • Roxwell Classic Car Run. Thank you for the many kind comments and messages received, yesterday appears to have been a great success. I certainly enjoyed it. The spectacle of the cars and the social buzz in the meadow was a joy to behold.

    So, my thanks again to Dave Anderson - who kindly planned and printed the route which you all seemed to much enjoy - and especially to you all for coming, and with such a wonderfully eclectic mix of cars to support us (and not a scrap of litter left behind). We shall have made close to £1,400 for our restoration fund for Roxwell church. I think we may do it again!

  • Roxwell Produce Show. Sadly Anna Gilkes has had to step down from organising this. Her already full life working for the NHS and raising a young family has been disrupted by her mother being admitted to a north London hospital with a bad fracture. It is such a shame, as Anna had done much work, enthusiastically, to set things up and even has a judge all lined up. We are hesitant to cancel the event and hope that someone will come along in the next week to continue Anna’s project – maybe with a cut-down event, just to see how it goes? Could that be you? 
  • PLANNING APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE - H R Philpot and Son’s application to Essex CC for planning permission to open a sand and gravel quarry on the field just south of Chalk End Wood.  The submission deadline is next Saturday 26th July, so time is running out.   We are not expecting Essex to abandon the sand and gravel site called A40 but we want to draw attention to this piecemeal approach will draw out the whole process.  We are also asking for more consideration for residents immediately all around this proposed part of the site and those who use the A1060, as the access point we consider is in a dangerous place.H R Philpot and Son’s application to Essex CC for planning permission to open a sand and gravel quarry

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