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The Roxwell Arts club

Is there an art club in the village? No, was the answer. Well let’s start one. These were the thoughts of Chris and Barry Dixon when they moved into Roxwell in 2000.

So, with aid of Terri Kerrison, an inaugural meeting was held in the Memorial hall on the 24th April 2001. At this first meeting we had only 6 members. Membership has now grown to over 30.

The Art Group meet, to paint, every Tuesday afternoon in the Roxwell Memorial Hall from
2pm to 4.30pm. The main aim of the group is to have a venue in which to set aside some time each week for painting with like-minded people and to follow their artistic abilities with no pressure. Also to learn from each other and swap ideas. To raise our abilities we hold workshops and demonstrations. These have been under guidance of nationally known artists, such as David Hyde, Charles Evans, Terry Harrison, Liz Seward, Geoff Thorpe, Hashim and Jamel Akib and others.

This is a very friendly club, as well as our normal indoor Tuesday meetings we have excursions to paint outdoors, an annual B.B.Q. and Christmas dinner.

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