Flood day 13th Dec 2019

Today (13th December 2019) the day after the general election, we saw the brook burst its banks again, and although the idea of the brook bursting its banks should never be seen as a good day, it was a good day to understand what happens with the water when it does.

I have decided to start documenting some of what happens, assuming that we are better off to be knowledgable than blind, and although what I put here should by no means be considered as processes, plans or even ambitions, they are simply my observations and soundbites as I think them.

It’s also worth putting on here that the water was high at 11am, and was still high at 6pm although no rain had fallen for at least 10 hours that I know of.

Further most end (upstream) Patience Woods.
Patience Bridge and down stream end of Patience Woods.
Woods two, down stream, closest to Roxwell village.
This shows the banks bursting by David Biddles field.
Mill throttle, showing the first area where it seems to start to flow over the edge.
Mill throttle at Forman’s paddocks at the sluice gate, you can see the brook breaking the edge of the brook throttle.
Last wood area on David Biddles land, showing some flooding into Davids fields.
Patience bridge.
Foot bridge
Up stream of last woods, David Biddles land.
Throttle to the old mill.
Looking at the area we hope to have bundeded.
This isn’t 100% accurate, but gives an idea of the areas where flooding happened on the 13th December 2019.
Thoughts on potential bunding.